nerf elusives pls

Legends of Runeterra Elusive Lucian/Senna deck gameplay. A top tier meta deck at the start of leg...

Jan 30

nerf Senna pls

Stream: rito nerf Senna please. League of Legends Season 10 Le...

Nov 27

nerf Teemo Deck pls

Stream: Legends of Runeterra Teemo/Zed puffcap deck gameplay. ...

Nov 22

LegendsofRuneterra.exe has started working How to get access/drop/key to the new League of Legends card ...

Nov 15

rito nerf Infinity Edge Stack Wukong pls (URF)

Wukong Ultra Rapid Fire mode gameplay with one duskblade and Infinity Edges with some memes. Infi...

Nov 07

rito nerf URF pls

rito nerf URF (ULTRA RAPID FIRE MODE) please featuring some memes. CLASSIC URF gameplay where I p...

Nov 01

rito nerf Legends of Runeterra pls

Riot Games new upcoming card game, Legends of Runeterra featuring some dank memes. Showcasing my ...

Oct 23

nerf Rapid Fire Volibear pls

Nerf Rapid Fire Cannon (rfc Voli) pls. Teamfight Tactics Brawler/Elementalist Volibear and Kennen...

Jul 27

nerf Teamfight Tactics pls

Playing the new League of Legends game mode which is pretty much a mix between League of Legends,...

Jun 28

rito nerf Master Yi pls (but only for IRON/BRONZE?? πŸ™Š)

Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: βœ… ANDROID: Start withπŸ’°5...

Apr 19

rito nerf cheesy Twitch jungle pls

Try #Filmora9- Filmora latest version 9:

Apr 16

WORLD RECORD: Longest Game in League of Legends History (7 Hours)

New World Record: The Longest Game ever in ranked League of Legends. 410 minutes/7 hours. It also...

Apr 03

WORLD RECORD: Most Deaths in a Ranked Game

League of Legends game 132 deaths from a Rammus. Previous Video:

Mar 31

rito nerf Riven pls

rito nerf Riven please featuring some dank memes :D. League of Legends (LOL) Season 9 patch 9.6...

Mar 25

rito nerf ON HIT AD Neeko pls

2nd Channel video: rito nerf Top Lane AD Attack Speed...

Mar 21

rito buff REWORKED "im not actually a champion until level 11" KAYLE pls

Reworked Kayle Gameplay featuring some not so good memes. Second Channel:

Mar 10

Goodbye Kayle

Playing old Kayle on the last day before she gets reworked. Rework Kayle comes out tomorrow and ...

Mar 06

rito slow down fast horsey Hecarim pls

rito slow down Movement Speed Hecarim. Rito nerf Hecarim pls. League of Legends (LOL) Season 9 ...

Mar 02