3 Steps to TRADE Properly and WIN LANE

Decided to use my eye tracker to explain how to win your lane properly! Let me know if you want t...

May 01

9 New OP Builds and Champs in Korea Patch 10.7 SEASON 10 (League of Legends)

Fire breathing dragon that heals you? yes please Graphics / builds from Mobalytics! = https://mob...

Apr 08

11 WEIRD TROLL BUILDS from Korean Challenger Grandmaster that actually work

Check out their profiles below for more info on the builds! Zilean =

Mar 31

9 New OP Builds and Champs in Korea Patch 10.6 SEASON 10 (League of Legends)

Archer Varus? Blade Cleavers everywhere? Must be Korean solo queue Graphics / builds from Mobalyt...

Mar 24

The Most Overpowered Champions from Season 10 so far

What better way to come back than look at who have been the most ridiculous champions so far in s...

Mar 21

Big 10.2 Changes coming soon! First Update of Season 10

Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: ht...

Jan 17

RANKED RESET & ALL 10.1 Changes ready for Season 10

Time to get ready for the start of the new ranked season finally! Changes = https://na.leagueofle...

Jan 09

New Best ADCs and Builds for ALL ADCs in 9.24 and Season 10

Let's check out the best ADCs and their best build for the current patch! ------------------...

Dec 20

8 New OP Builds and Champs in Korea Patch 9.24 PRESEASON (League of Legends)

This is the last long patch of the preseason so let's see what's new and OP! Graphics /...

Dec 16

All Massive Changes in Patch 9.24 PRESEASON

Let's check out the changes dropping today including a few reworks! Notes = https://na.leagu...

Dec 12

8 New OP Builds and Champs in Korea Patch 9.23 PRESEASON (League of Legends)

Let's see what Korea are abusing in the preseason so far! Check out the Limited Mario capsul...

Nov 28

Aphelios UNIQUE ABILITIES revealed ! 5 weapons, 3 buttons


Nov 26

Patch 9.23 PRESEASON - Everything you need to know

Let's go over the new changes and what you need to know today! Patch notes - https://na.leag...

Nov 21

CRIT ITEM Changes for Preseason 2020 / Season 10

Download Battle Breakers and use code: phylol to support the channel! Link:

Nov 18

9 New OP Builds and Champs in Korea Patch 9.22 SEASON 9 (League of Legends)

Let's check out what Korea is playing for the end of season push! --------------------------...

Nov 13

12 Bot Lane Duos I HATE playing against the most (Strongest Season 9)

Got a little sick of playing vs Xayah Rakan duos recently so here we are! -----------------------...

Nov 09

END OF SEASON! New changes coming soon in Patch 9.22

These are the 9.22 changes coming in a week and will be what we play on for the end of the season...

Oct 31


Leak =

Oct 30