League of Legends


Teamfight Tactics patch 10.2 notes

TFT's latest update brings a host of buffs to underused traits, champions, and items. ...

Jan 21

Patch 10.2 Notes

Silent killers Aphelios and Sona get changes this patch, as well as some items By shio sh...

Jan 21

Warriors Cinematic Season 2020 Asset Pack

Download and create with 3D Weapon models, High res stills, 3D Turnarounds and Concept art from ...

Jan 17

The Queue | Papasmithy

Dash interviews caster turned general manager for 100 Thieves, Papasmithy.

Jan 16

Making Mecha Kingdoms

How do you fuse mythological kingdoms with futuristic mechs? Follow the team through the process...

Jan 15

Skins & Events in Season 2020

Join Bellissimoh for a peek into Season 2020’s upcoming skins, thematics, and events. By ...

Jan 15

Prestige in the first half of 2020

We've got the list of Prestige Skins coming out in the first half of 2020! By KenAda...

Jan 15

Zed: Issue #3

Zed and Shen finally face off! The Master of Shadows against the Eye of Twilight. By Riot...

Jan 15

Champions in Season 2020

Dive into 2020’s new champions and reworks with Reav3. By Ceruhi

Jan 14

Sett Short Story: Big Head, Bad News

Read Sett’s short story on Universe. By Ceruhi

Jan 14

Sett, the Boss | New Champion Spotlight

Sett fights with the strength of his fists, knocking foes down on his way to the top. By ...

Jan 14

Champion Insights: Sett

The guy your top laner told you not to worry about. By Riot Cashmiir

Jan 14

/dev: The Latest on Fiddlesticks’ VGU

Crowstorms, unsettling twitches, and a caged demon. It’s coming for you. By The Fiddlesti...

Jan 14

Teamfight Tactics in 2020

Learn about the future of Teamfight Tactics including the theme of the next set. By LUNCH...

Jan 13

Legends of Runeterra

The Beta Season is here—and now is the perfect time to jump in.

Jan 12

Universe in 2020 - Dev Video

Join Ghostcrawler as he previews upcoming ways to explore Runeterra. By Bilby

Jan 11

Gameplay & Ranked in Season 2020 - Dev Video

Learn about Rise of the Elements, the ranked season, client improvements, and game modes here. ...

Jan 10